Application Architecture Checklist

A tool to assess applications (e.g. developed, licensed, and SaaS solutions) for inclusion in the application portfolio. The checklist includes important considerations that must be accommodated and those that should be honored.
  • Enterprise Architecture
Version 1.0
Last Revised 4-Jan-2020
Status Published
Document Type Single Topic Guidance
Audience Level
  • Strategy Planning and EA Leader
  • Solution Architect and Program Manager
  1. Topic Statement

    The Application Architecture Checklist is intended to be a tool used by Harvard to assess applications (e.g. developed solutions, licensed solutions, SaaS solutions) that are proposed for inclusion in the portfolio of applications. The checklist includes important considerations that must be accomodated and those that should be honored.

  2. Intended Audience

    This document is intended for technical members of application design or procurement teams. These could be Solution Architects, Program/Project Managers, or any team member who feels comfortable conducting an investigation using this material.

  3. Recommended Usage

    Identify the style of application and match to the appropriate column: Developed Solutions, Purchased Solution - Private Cloud, Purchased Solution - Hosted, or Subscription - SaaS. Use the checkmarks to track progress through the categories and questions. 

  4. Definitions

    Developed Solutions - those that are implemented and maintained by Harvard resources

    Licensed Solution (Harvard's Cloud) - commercial products that are implemented and managed in Harvard's cloud

    Licensed Solution (Vendor Hosted) - commercial products that are used and managed from a vendor's cloud

    Subscription (SaaS) - vendor solutions that are multi-tenant and generally subscription-based

    MUST - considerations that are important and must be accommodated, or a waiver received

    SHOULD - considerations that are directional and reflect the HUIT direction and values and should be honored

  5. Application Architecture Checklist 

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