Governance & Communities

Architecture Review Group

University-wide IT leaders
Meets quarterly
  • Own the Enterprise Architecture and its associated Principles
  • Prioritize the Communities of Practice (CoP) and the work they produce
  • Invite and engage architects across Harvard to participate in the CoP’s
  • Periodically provide peer reviews and recommendations for key IT projects when there is:
    • Broad impact
    • Significant architectural change
    • Involves multiple university groups
    • Significant investment

Architecture Communities of Practice

University-wide domain experts
Meet monthly
  • Regularly convene architects and domain experts from across the University
  • Conduct peer reviews of key enterprise IT technology changes
  • Create and promote:
    • Principles
    • Advisories
    • Standards
    • Roadmaps

HEART (HUIT Engineering and Architecture Review Team)

Open to the entire university
Meets bi-weekly
  • Architectural strategy and decisions for ITCRB funded as well as HUIT Top 30 projects  

  • Raise HUIT's literacy in key technology areas as required for effective review discussion and decision making 

  • Support roadmap development for HUIT’s technology