Enterprise Architecture Program

The Enterprise Architecture program is an effort to create a framework for articulating and organizing the the most important architectural considerations for each layer of our technical stack. We will do this by defining a set of operating Principles, further detailed in a set of Standards, for each layer of the stack. We will also use these Principles and Standards as a structure for a library of existing and new resources, including reference architectures and patterns, for the use of implementation teams.

The active phase of the program will conclude at the end of fiscal year 2018.

Strategic Objectives

  • Articulate a set of Principles and Standards aligned to each architecture layer
  • Organize existing and future reference artifacts and patterns in a library that aligns with the Principles and Standards
  • Engage with University teams strategically to advance and support elements of the Enterprise Architecture
  • Cultivate a Community of Practice for architecture

Guiding Principles

  • Allow real needs of working teams to drive EA focus
  • Work across organizational units to find opportunities for alignment
  • Evolve architecture with advances in technology 
  • Seek feedback broadly from University colleagues and peer institutions

Key Performance Indicators

  • Decrease in project delivery timeframes
  • Increased use of common solutions
  • Increase the number of projects that align to EA Principles
  • Use of common data sources and ways of working with data