About Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture at Harvard

Enterprise architecture (EA) at Harvard is a University-level program to define and align to common technology principles and standards in support of academic, research, and administrative computing. This active program will create a shared architecture artifact that will be broadly useful as architectural guidance and a means to create alignment across implementation teams at work on University IT projects. More on the program here.

Enterprise Architecture is also a team within the office of the CTO, whose staff provides services to support ongoing programs and project work. These services include architectural reviews, by-request consulting and embedding with implementation teams to provide solution architecture.

Our Vision for Enterprise Architecture

Harvard University’s vision for enterprise architecture is to articulate and drive to common solutions, standards, and opportunities for alignment in order to reduce IT complexity and cost across the University and enable local innovation.

We approach the work of defining an architecture for the University by considering each layer of our physical architecture "stack", as well as cross-cutting security requirements, and articulating a set of Principles, Standards and Resources for each layer:

Enterprise Architecture Layers; User Experience; Applications and Software Components; Interoperation; Data; Middleware: Infrastructure and IaaS; Networking; Security